Why it matters?

Aditi Mathur
3 min readApr 1, 2021


I am a working mother of two teenage boys, a teacher by profession for millennials, a caregiver to senior most citizens, a colleague to intellectuals, partner of a risk taker businessman…….. i wish to add even more to the list but then I realised that this is sufficient to make my life challenging and worth the lessons to be learnt.

The teenage boys make my set of values and beliefs to be put under a rough scanner to be discarded, rearranged or at least modified. I am everyday posed by questions and reactions to rethink the value system I have so proudly inherited from my parents. Is being efficient more important than being happy? Is being lazy bad as opposed to being relaxed? Is being sincere in the eyes of others more important than being satisfied in your life? Is being different more rewarding than being conventional? Is handling the situation more important than avoiding the consequences? Is being busy important than being worthy? Is living life more important than loving life?

I am made to rethink everytime I am unable to satisfy this constant set of questions raised by my boys as I myself find struggling with the right and reasonable justifications to each of my beloved set of values. Are the values and principles of living a pursposeful and joyful life require a paradigm shift to match up the dynamism of this generation?

Being a teacher to adult millennials is what demands a thoughtful method of dealing with the bundles of energetic ideas and adopting a more silent method of rebelling what seems very strong and significant to me.

My parents and parent in laws have been living a much simpler life where they can demand their values be respected and adhered to by all the ones who are younger to them. They are not much appreciative of the fact that their juniors can even think of questioning their mindset and it is expected that they need to fulfill the dreams and aspirations as mark of paying tribute to the immense efforts and sacrifices which have been made in raising our generation. The point is very clear that obedience is proportionate to the amount of love and wealth being shared with the next generation.

My colleagues who are competent, knowledge thinkers, opiniated, self assured individuals find it a challenge to accept the mode of working by merely accepting and approving diversified thought processes. There is always a underlying struggle of proving competency, providing clarifications, seeking justifications, expecting demand fulfillments, raising complaints, judging ruthlessly and praising each other as a survival instinct. Lot of theories and practices of communication goes out in a toss when it comes to professional advantages. But the implication is evident..

My over optimist, risk taking pragmatic life partner has all the rules of life very clear and strongly accepted beliefs to make my thoughts all dizzy and too emotional. Its been a journey of love, acceptance, approvals, disagreements which has strengthened my belief that humans cannot be moulded they can only be transformed through immense patience and persistence.

The roles offered by life has always been a source of learning and evolving with all the unique identities that has shaped the manifold characteristics which I hold very close and dear. Its just that we need to accept the fact that all that is happening with you and around you is shaping your life and making you grow at your own pace. Being thankful for the love and acceptance by all human and nature alike.