This Productivity ‘Mess’

Aditi Mathur
2 min readJun 30, 2020

Productivity is the key word for this generation. The need of the hour is to keep assessing your input to output ratio and comparing your ratio with that of the other, result……… feel depressed or elated but never satisfied.

The efficiency battle starts at the early childhood and every child learn very soon that all what matters is higher output at lower input, we learn to deceive, lie and cheat to hide the true input and just inflate the result (output). Learning behaviourist talk about reinforcement as a key element for changing behaviours and its all about being appreciated for the outcome achieved and specially if the efforts are the least, the recognition is tweaked.

You grow up to realise that its easy to impress people by highlighting your achievements as everybody around you expects your performance, no one actually is interested to pay attention to the efforts being applied, and on top of it, lesser the efforts more the applaud.

The human beings learn very quickly that to be productive we need to either inflate the outcome or reduce the efforts to make the outcomes look more than the inputs.

Developing a society where the efforts are not given due importance in comparison to the results will be very unhealthy and will soon result into human being depressed, frustrated, suicidal or unhappy with their lives.

Its time we develop the culture of task setting rather than goal setting as our prime motivational need and the society to recognise the talent and creativity of inputs engaged by an individual and not merely acquired fragile accomplishments which fade away too soon.

Lets appreciate the diversified art and talent of each human over and above a maneuvered goal oriented robot.