The real essence of living….

Aditi Mathur
2 min readAug 20, 2023


The moment I think about life, I am reminded of many quotes of successful souls who have thrived and survived this massive responsibility of handling the highs and lows of every day living.

I wonder how the human clan has managed to pass the baton from one generation to another to live better (though it is yet to be validated….). Sometimes the idea of making it big, living your full potential, serving your fellow beings, innovating for the betterment of the society is at the highest driving force behind all my decisions and at the other times I am reminded of the philosophy by Albert Camus of existentialism, wherein, the whole idea of living is just moving from one struggle to another, nothing more nothing less……

When I look around I feel that in the whole struggle of leaping from one goal to another, we are actually losing on the real essence of living which can be as simple as enjoying deep breathing the air around us, feeling the love of shared smiles, witnessing each morning the ray of sunlight reaching out.

Are we truly passing on the correct meaning of living to the next generation or making them as vulnerable as we have been all through our lives? As a fortune to be born prior to this generation, they look up to us for the guidance but when they see our faces which seem scared, fearful and insecure, how can we truly make them live better than us, in fact I feel we are continuously adding more pains than helping them explore joys of each day.

We need to get more serious in this bestowed authority of handling our next generation more wisely and lovingly than merely critically or protectively.