The Joy of Living

Aditi Mathur
2 min readJun 10, 2017

Right from my childhood I have been hearing from my parent and teachers that if you want to be successful one day you need to work hard. . I heard from my friends that we can achieve what we dream by setting clear goals. I worked hard trusting their each word very religiously and coherently assuming that if I achieve my goal my life will be successful.

Somewhere I was made to believe that if the goal is accomplished then only I can be termed to be successful and then only I have the privilege to call myself the happiest and the luckiest. It meant that as a child who owns nothing claims nothing has to postpone her feeling of happiness for the moment when the goal gets achieved (IF…. it gets achieved).

I grew up in this whole struggle of meeting that dream rainbow of success one day to call it my most memorable day and in this whole process of ACHIEVING I felt I missed my childhood innocence, I was robbed of trusting and enjoying the company of people Instead I became a COMPETITOR and a FIGHTER.

I really don’t understand why I was I always trained to compete and fight and never to coordinate and align. The whole struggle of reaching the goal left me drained to miss the beauty of the whole process of creation and creativity and life turned to be a series of goal missed or achieved rather than a life WELL LIVED.

In this journey I keep meeting people who are struggling,competing, fighting very hard and sacrificing their each day joy for that rainbow at the horizon which may be just a mirage or a fantasy. It is not even certain that the goal once achieved will make you more thirsty or will satiate your thirst.

Isn’t this wild run for goal creating clamour inside and outside our worlds, can the goal be as simple as living our each moment joyfully and thankfully. We need to start believing and start living.

Let their be joy to give and receive rather than win or achieve