The hidden agenda of desiring hearts

Aditi Mathur
2 min readMay 4, 2024

Its been my journey where I have felt many a times that my heart has reached out strongly to desire more than I realised may be accomplished rationally. The desiring hearts have no bounds but the aspiring mind has so many limitations to quote to counter the heart. And I feel that this is not something that only I am encountering, its every existing humans’ struggle. There are many motivational stories around us to ignite the power to overcome all the obstacles but then I feel they commonly miss out on the power to handle obstacles from the near and loved ones whom you would never like to displease.

The whole issue then comes down to handling interpersonal relationships which the famous psychologist Alfred Adler pointed out and laid it very practically in the book, “Courage to be disliked”. We can achieve anything that our hearts desire if we know how to manage our relationships well. During our formal education, learning social skills are not a priority as compared to developing linguistic and analytical capabilities but as we keep learning from our failures, it is clearly felt that people give up on people and at the same time, people develop trust that creates bonds for mutual fulfillment of aspirations.

I keep contemplating on the ways to handle the desiring hearts, is it through distracting, or through partially obliging or through breaking out of all the barriers of social norms and risking it all to satisfy your urging and restless heart. And then I realise that it can only be attained if you get detached from all the consequences that may arise as a outcome. Our fears and insecurities that got cradled in our childhood restricts the imagination of being alone to enjoy our achievements

I have personally felt that any hidden desires starts playing havoc in the normal life and makes all the other aspects seem so dull and obscure to focus on and the mind keeps reminding of a sense of unfulfillment. All the saints and learned ones tried the method of making humans develop an attitude of weakness towards all such needs but I feel that human needs much more constructive ways of channelising the energy created for the goal attainment towards the personal and social development