Stories of our life

Aditi Mathur
2 min readMar 21, 2024


We are what we repeatedly do and think and that’s what makes up the stories of our life. I always wanted to create a fantastic, suspenseful, narratable and fun filled story of my life. I truly wanted to live a life I will narrate some day in front of a huge number of kids who will laugh with me for all the failures I have gathered throughout and blunders stacked up so high.

A story of a girl who initially fought very loud internally for being a girl to the most adorable parents who had wished for a boy after a first born girl to them. Gave up the struggle to decide to live each day for proving my existence far more important and superior than my gender. The whole journey comprised trying to fit in my ideas to make them

The whole social set up sounded very strange to my young mind and felt too naive to fight it out and found it better to enjoy the blessings of being a girl. I was gifted and could garner lot of attention from the people around me and that strengthened my belief of enjoying it all and it went ahead to even abusing it for nurturing my deep held detest for being a girl.

In my story entered many weird and complex characters who wanted me to be a part of their fairy tale but I was sure to enjoy my liberty and ego to my best self only. Each person who came and touched my life shaped me and sculpted me so lovingly in their own artistic way that I really lost the track of my own power to mould me and started freely flowing with the direction of the wind.

A time came in my life when I felt that I have come too far holding the hands of people around me and when I look back they drafted my story and I forgot to handle it and create it the way I wanted it to look like.

Holding myself closer and dearer I started creating frame by frame to craft the story of my children too, as if they were provided to me for improving my narratives of life lived in the hands of all my creators

The biggest error one can make is to see the life lived on the terms of free will, instead its never ever so. ……….