Education is a pinch or a pat

Aditi Mathur
1 min readAug 28, 2019

I was talking to my son that day and I just happened to ask him that what are the things he would like to change in the school if he were the principal of that school. He replied out rightly (in fact without a second thought) that the exams should be banned, I asked him then do you think that you will study if there were no exams, he said yes, because i love to know things but the exams bring about comparison and fear rather than learning among the students.

I realised that its so true, whats the sole purpose of examinations in the education curricula, is it designed to asses the acquisition of knowledge or to unnecessarily develop competition among the students (who could have been good friends otherwise). Have we truly developed the skills required for a student to live a happy and a peaceful life, remains a mystery.

I really wish that we start redefining and refocussing the actual purpose of education and the whole methodology adopted by all the learned ones to groom the happy souls who just desire to live a life of fun and exploration. We have to face the burn many times when after a full fledged 22 years of education falls short of a happy and peaceful coexistence and decide to take away his /her life caught in this dilemma of worldly affairs.

The education should aim for helping and guiding the learners to taste the joy of self exploration and make his life full of discoveries and fulfillment