Do women need the mercy filled support and recognition?

Aditi Mathur
2 min readMar 9, 2022


Lot of articles were written in the past one week on the greatness of woman and the power of womanhood. Generally the month of March makes all the members in the society (including women) sit up and glorify the sacrifices, struggles, challenges made by the mothers, wives, daughters and sisters. I could feel a sense of making each women realise and feel the importance of rising from the ashes, sacrificing for the good of others, and tireless struggle to prove their existence.

Why there is so much noise about defining the woman and womanhood, why are we so obsessed with categorising the gender and making each women feel the responsibility of being a epitome of greatness. The women should be left to define her own self as another human. Why so much fuss about gender equality and sensitivity, why can’t we be just appreciative of diversity of human beings without this merciful categorisation of being a struggler and survivor in the world of predators. We are creating more divides by showering our attention so widely on the manifestation of womanly characteristics.

Why is it so tough to ‘be’ and accept what ‘is’ the way ‘it is’? We end up defining and glamourising the struggles and greatness of woman which emotionally and mentally destabilises the peace among the family which has a human being take up the responsibility of nurturing the members as the prime role. The human being can be any gender. All the grand stories that are narrated and bombarded heavily on each one of us makes us feel insufficient, unsuccessful and not worthy of our own self respect. And then each peaceful being starts the journey of aspirations, self worth and ultimately leading to the overall disturbance in the family peace and joy.

Let us stop painting an image of an ideal woman for the society to emulate, let us be more sensitive on accepting the true self of an individual which has lot more to offer due to the cognitive ability (of a human) than by just the physical body (gender). A woman is lot more than a body categorised in a gender. Her ability to contribute need to be left to her as an individual to think and reflect rather than being loaded with the expectations of fulfilling so many stereotypical images being created by the society.

The dream of a mutually harmonious society wherein human, animals, plants, nature coexist can be realised only when we stop categorising, labeling and start accepting their original self, their natural self.

Let my ability be respected and celebrated rather than my gender.