Crayons in the hand of a Creator

Aditi Mathur
2 min readMay 7, 2021


I am inspired yet again for expressions … I thought this time I shall narrate my feeling which are now more vivid yet strange with the passage of time.

I sit down today to write about my mother, who is gifted with the blessing of artistic hands and blissful heart. She was born with the crayons of different colours in her hand to paint this world with her imaginations and artistic creations. She has the charm of a lovely woman, twinkle in the eye of a curious child, kindness of a spiritual soul, artistic expressions of a joyful heart.

I never realised till now how beautifully she has used her gifted crayons to colour our lives, she made me her shadow by her graceful ways when all I could imagine was to be exactly the way she was. Her joy of learning and drawing pleasure by sharing smiles through the eyes of others has been an inspirational story.

Being a mother is a woman s own discovery, the child grows up to be the reflection of her own interpretations of life. She lives her own life once but witnesses the life of her child who imbibes the values and character she has dutifully painted on the blank canvas of her own creation.

She has lived, loved, created, generated, integrated and so warmly assimilated all the life s offering with an open heart and has never failed to surprise me by her resilience and compassion.

Being a mother who brought up children so lovingly to make them strong enough to make way in the world and kind enough to feel the pain of others and has passed on the plate of colours to them for painting their creations with the same strength of character and elusive joy of life.