Competency Hurts

After so many years of aiming to improve my skills and trying to be competent to undertake responsibilities and fulfill the obligations, I realised that my own competency and capability to handle responsibilities have started hurting me a lot. I feel as if I am everyday living the life driven by the expectations of the people around me. Both in my personal as well as professional lives I feel these days that I am dragged to perform and expected to deliver my best and when I do so I am further loaded with some more…..

In this whole process of expectations and performances I am feeling everyday being lost in my own viscous cycle. The solution lies in being assertive but then my value system pushes me to accept the responsibility as my moral duty towards my work life and elders in the family. I find it tough to justify my priorities as I feel almost everything sits that the most important priority rank.


a learner by passion and a trainer by profession

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