Competency Hurts…..

Aditi Mathur
2 min readMay 11, 2018

Appreciation, applauds, responsibilities, assignments, expectations, capability………..these words have started haunting me now. Maybe few years back they were motivators but now whenever I hear these words they make me feel that again I have to live the way others want me to live..

I am feeling lost in the whole gamut of worldly affairs, these things do not provide the required zeal to call my days worth living. Should your work be a source of your identity, purpose of life, reason to wake up each morning or it should just be a source of livelihood. But if the work gets limited to the reason to earn money then the kind of job engagement and involvement desired does not evolve and hence the output suffers and when the output suffers it affects your life as well.

I am unable to steer my thoughts in the right direction and then it made me think that is being competent a hurdle to my happiness. Are the ones who are considered not that competent leading a more fulfilled life than the ones who are struggling to satisfy the expectations of everyone around. I came up with few answers:

  1. Set priorities on the basis of people and events that truly matter to you: When this has to be done, be ready to listen to criticism and being lagged behind in the competitive scaling. Since you know what you are doing, the joy of the outcome should be able to neutralize the fear of satisfying every end.
  2. Develop a hobby to pamper yourself: It may happen that you will not get much time in the whole struggle to maintaining the balance between the work life and personal life, but strictly devote one hour per day to your hobby or invest it.
  3. Surround yourself with positive people: Your friends and family who really understand you and your priorities, spend more time with them and keep extracting joyful moments.
  4. Accept it as part of life: The highs and lows, the ups and downs, the happiness and miseries are all part of life and they will come and go, neither high will survive for long nor the lows. That is called the perfect mix of a true life.
  5. Nothing happens without a reason: Accept the fact that whatever is happening it has some opportunity to learn and grow better.