Be ready for More to Happen

Aditi Mathur
1 min readApr 21, 2019

I was always driven by the concept of making a difference, creating a meaning, striking a balance, learning…….. phew…… so many things always keep making me feel unhappy with the present life’s blessings. It was always as if I haven’t achieved much and there is a lot of potential still untapped. And then i will feel so doomed and discouraged as if all what i have come across to have a stable and rewarding career, well brought up kids, blessings from parents and in laws, most loving life partner, happy friends, appreciative students and what not….is not of much significance.

Its all that anyone could ever demand for, but then why this hunger to achieve much more in terms of contributing in the lives of people, children, teaching to many rather than to privileged ones has always been a unfulfilled dream. I keep thinking always that i need to keep the fire burning within me to someday make it a reality.

I then realise that this actually living all about, if the dreams fade away and desires die out what will be the life in living. I again gear up for a more rewarding times ahead and prepare myself for higher challenges the life has to offer me.