As we walk through our lives…..

Aditi Mathur
4 min readJun 6, 2020

It all seems so natural, common and unique to observe the way all we humans tend to live our lives. It is as if we go through the life in the same way but we experience it very differently in accordance to our own perceptions and outlook and then make it unique by our reactions and responses.

Childhood is the time of the most joyful and playful phase of our life as we feel and enjoy the most primary and basic things the world has to offer, love and care, carefree smiles, heartfelt laughter, amusing sounds, colourful nature, all inviting and promising each one a beautiful life ahead. The world is accepted as fantastic and a wonderland for exploration.Each child absorbs and comes across varied environmental situations and people who mould the life their own way.

The adolescence starts pitching the hormones for believing in the dreams, fantasies and wild imaginations making the person full of views and opinions. The age is characterized by being hopeful and cheerful. A sense of self awareness creeps in and s/he starts demanding the rightful place in the decision making. The rate of crime, fear, insecurity, hatred, love, curiosity, abuse all happen simultaneously leaving the person gasping for life. The vulnerable age and soul of a person invites moments that can be a gift or a scar for life.

The adulthood is youthful and pleasureful as it opens up avenues to self discovery and awaits the opportunities from the world for proving his/her worth and realising his/her potential. The youth is full of ideas, optimism, charm and feels the need to get the world as a canvas to paint his imaginations and earn the place of respect. The relationship tidal experiences makes the taste of life creamy, salty, sweet and bitter at the same time. The pleasure seeking approach also leads to few mistakes and regrets to remember.

A early adulthood of being successful and skillful brings in the sense of stability which is such a desired mental state of being human. The relations are not looked up as a source of happiness rather they become a medium of sharing happiness, the goals become clearer and the life simpler. The growth and learning is a result of seeking opportunities and encashing the personal traits for reaching out in the career pursuance. The relations at professional and personal front have a strong impact on the way a person will deal with the people in the coming years.

After all the initial successes and failures a individual reaches the mid stage of life where s/he is doubtful and helpful. H/she starts feeling the need to make a significant contribution to people around. The relations are defined more by sharing and makes the space for trust to be the basis of finding serenity. The materialistic gains look shallow and the need to be recognised for contributions, mentorship and empowering others take the forefront. Few even take the plunge to keep up everything to follow the hidden dreams rather than pursuing the life for accumulating comforts. But many still drag on the mundane by suppressing his/her desires to further push them to the next generation.

The age later than that unfolds with the sense of being powerful yet grateful for the life lived well. The life gave lot of opportunity to grow and learn and the sense of power of experience can be felt for assessing the real worth of life. A sense of gratitude is also there who made a difference to their lives and make the whole journey so enjoyable. The stage of life which makes a person look back with either pain or satisfaction. Some give up on living and put a halt on their learning curve altogether and few feel the liberty to live as the time now is abundant and responsibility, authority put up by others starts receding.

Let the last age of life be peaceful. It makes complete sense to be at peace with all what we could do with the time and energy so obtained to make the best use of each resource and now feel the pride of accomplishment made in terms of relationship and respect earned. The body starts demanding more attention and the mind gets dictated by the ticking countdown which makes the person restless and seeks attention in varied ways.

The life of a human is a gift of body and energy to each one alike yet the mind and the soul collects memories, pays attention vividly, creates thoughts disorderly and makes perception unruly and thus lives life apprehensively